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We are intentional in our placement as we want the bookkeeper to be a great fit for your team. At BELAY, our current length of service with our bookkeepers is 25 months – though we have many bookkeepers that have been with us five years and more. Now, let’s lay the argument of in-house vs. outsourced bookkeeping squarely on what this looks like in application – with real dollars-and-cents.

Is it worth paying a bookkeeper?

They can teach you ways to cut costs, provide insight into your spending, and more. Ultimately, hiring a bookkeeper will help you save money. Hiring a bookkeeper, especially one who can work off-site, helps you avoid financial penalties. Hiring a bookkeeper gives you more time to focus on your business.

A virtual bookkeeper is remote and available much more than an in-person bookkeeper. Through the categorization, reconciliation, and books close process, your Live Bookkeeper ensures your books are accurate. Your bookkeeper can’t, however, prepare or file your taxes for you as part of your Live Bookkeeping service—even if they’re a credentialed CPA.

The Cost of Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

But bookkeepers insist their services can save businesses time and money – alongside the services of an accountant. It’s a bookkeeper’s job to look after these day-to-day accounts, ensuring sales invoices match payments, monitoring the business’ bank feed, processing expenses, and often VAT and payroll. To stay competitive, research market prices from trusted sources like competitors’ websites and surveys with other bookkeepers What Does My Accountant Need To File Business Taxes? before determining what will work best for your business. Adjust pricing to reflect the added complexity of the work as your business grows and you become more specialized. You may also want to use industry trends as a guide for setting prices – attorneys are accustomed to paying higher rates for similar services, you should follow suit. Do they use outside software to track this, or are they using QuickBooks alone?

You can hire someone to come in on a per-project basis and only pay for the time they spend on the project or for an agreed-upon time. Because of the extra training, what accountants charge differs from bookkeepers. Although bookkeeping may not be the most exciting part of running a business, it’s arguably one of the most important. Accurate and timely bookkeeping allows you to make sound financial decisions. Look at the types of services you offer and compare what you currently charge to others. Smaller clients generate less revenue than medium or large clients.

Size of client

Our expert team of bookkeepers and CPAs makes managing your finances easy so you can get back to business. At Xendoo, finding the perfect flat fee plan is easy, so you aren’t paying more for the specific things you need. Xendoo pricing takes into consideration the varying needs of businesses by offering a range of plans based on your monthly expenses.

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